Friday, June 8, 2012

Memorial Day

We went back to Austin on Sunday night from Houston so we could celebrate Memorial Day with some friends.  The Smiths were in town visiting family and they got to come meet Lucy Kate before heading back to Houston!

And because we had 2 little boys, we headed to the pool to work off some of that energy :)

Memorial Day - 01Memorial Day - 02Memorial Day - 03Memorial Day - 04

What a nice looking family!

Memorial Day - 05

Umm yeah, we’ll have to work on Calvin’s pushing problem..

Memorial Day - 06Memorial Day - 07Memorial Day - 09

After the Smiths headed on the road, we took naps then went to our small group’s Memorial Day Party!  LK must’ve thought it wasn’t worth her time and slept through the whole thing…but at least she looked cute in her stars and stripes outfit :)

Memorial Day - 10Memorial Day - 11

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