Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Lucy Kate had the privilege of meeting her BFF Emery aka Eme, Drew & Rachel’s baby girl born one week after LK :)

LK's headband is a little too big...she's trying to be like that guy on Star Trek with the glasses over his eyes.
Meeting Eme - 01Meeting Eme - 02Meeting Eme - 03Meeting Eme - 04Meeting Eme - 05Meeting Eme - 06Meeting Eme - 07Meeting Eme - 08Meeting Eme - 09Meeting Eme - 10Meeting Eme - 11
Eme is such a cutie and performed perfectly for the camera unlike our little goober who slept the whole time! 
Also, Lucy Kate’s head measures in the 95th percentile and I never thought it was big until I met a normal sized head baby :)


Sara said...

Awww! They both look like beautiful doll babies! What fun! We wish we could have been there too :).

Trix said...

Stop drinking those Mike's hard lemonades & Lucy Kate might be able to stay awake some!