Saturday, May 19, 2012

Small Group Bowling

Trix graciously offered to take Calvin back to Houston with her for the week before Katie and Laura’s graduations from A&M.  Needless to say I totes took her up on that and had time to get some stuff done without that “gremlin” around [LaLa’s word for crazy kids :)].

We decided to take advantage of being basically kidless and went to see The Avengers, which is awesome…LK liked most of it, except the part where she pooped out her clothes :( Then we had LK’s 2 week appointment where she measured 8lbs 12oz (up from her leaving the hospital weight of 7lbs 14oz) and 21.5 inches long.  She’s a chunky monkey!  Then we got to go bowling with our small group:

Bowling - 01Bowling - 02Bowling - 03Bowling - 04Bowling - 05Bowling - 06Bowling - 07Bowling - 08Bowling - 09Bowling - 10Bowling - 11Bowling - 12

That’s right…I totes kicked some butt!  Luke and Matt decided it would be more fun to see who could bowl the fastest or best left handed instead of trying to actually beat me.  I think they were just scared to lose to a girl while trying :)  This is probably my all-time high score!

Bowling - 13

As you can see, Lucy Kate is in awe of my bowling abilities..

Bowling - 14Bowling - 15

“Wow Mommy, I hope I’m as awesome as you some day!”

Bowling - 16

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jessie said...

Thanks for keeping us all up to date with all these posts. You have one gorgeous little girl!! Hope you all are doing well!

Jessie Lewis