Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Lucy Kate had a pretty busy 1st Cinco de Mayo.  MaMaw & Pawpaw came for the weekend and Shannon & Bethers came for the day to meet her!  Party :)

Cinco de Mayo - 01Cinco de Mayo - 02Cinco de Mayo - 03Cinco de Mayo - 04

For Saturday night we thought we’d take the metro downtown to hit up the Pecan Street Festival.  Let’s just say it was better in theory than execution.  The website acted like it’d be much more kid friendly than it was.  We actually saw a guy get arrested for yelling at and pushing a lady on the street…it was crAzy and totes sad :(

Cinco de Mayo - 05

Calvin really liked riding “Thomas” for the first part, but not for the hour long ride :)

Cinco de Mayo - 06Cinco de Mayo - 07

At least we found a bounce house for Calvin to attack!

Cinco de Mayo - 08Cinco de Mayo - 09Cinco de Mayo - 10Cinco de Mayo - 11

Then we tried to get some grandparent photos with the “Big Brother/Little Sister” shirts, but you know how it goes when you want a cute pic…LK cooperated pretty well, we just have to work on that Calvin kid :)

Cinco de Mayo - 12Cinco de Mayo - 13Cinco de Mayo - 14Cinco de Mayo - 15Cinco de Mayo - 16

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