Sunday, May 20, 2012


Last Friday, we headed to College Station to watch both Katie and Laura graduate from Texas A&M…Whoop!  Unfortunately for us, they graduated in two separate ceremonies, Katie at 9 and Laura at 2…so it was a LOOONG day!  At least we had iPhones & iPads to pass the time :)

Calvin was lucky enough to skip out on both ceremonies…I’m pretty sure he was thankful for that too!

Here’s a video of Katie walking the stage:

After Katie’s graduation we headed to Los Cucos to enjoy their famous Stuffed Avocados.  Both Mamaw and I love these and can’t find them on any other menu except Los Cucos, those other Tex-Mex places don’t know what their missing!

Then we went to take pictures at the big Aggie Ring and Calvin discovered his love for hanging on the handrail :)

A&M Graduations - 01A&M Graduations - 02A&M Graduations - 03A&M Graduations - 04A&M Graduations - 06A&M Graduations - 07

Gig ‘Em Aggies, Whoop!

A&M Graduations - 08A&M Graduations - 10A&M Graduations - 12

After saying goodbye to the Hargroves, Luke dropped Lucy Kate and me back off at Reed Arena for Laura’s graduation.  The 2 o’clock ceremony was packed out, like the only available seats were behind the stage and big screen.

LK & I got there a little late and had Allyson come out to meet us.  On our way inside we found that they locked the doors, not allowing anyone inside, including Allyson who left the arena only 5 minutes before that.  Let’s just say I called Poppy and he went buckwild on the Door Nazis telling them we had seats and I obviously was holding a 2 week old baby in the Texas heat…So they reluctantly let us in, haha :)

Laura’s name was pretty far down the list, so we were able to score some better seats before she was called.  But they were next to some old ladies who were clearly being put out to allow us to pass. 

Unfortunately we didn’t have Luke with us to get a cool video, so all we have are fuzzy pictures :)

A&M Graduations - 13A&M Graduations - 14A&M Graduations - 15A&M Graduations - 16A&M Graduations - 17

This is probably my favorite picture…out of all the time during the 3 hour ceremony, the family 2 rows down decided it would be best to have a 7th inning stretch during Laura’s stage walk.  I guess they didn’t hear us screaming for her…I mean come on!!

A&M Graduations - 18A&M Graduations - 19

This one was good too…

A&M Graduations - 20

Lucy Kate got to meet her Aunt Allyson and loved snuggling on her during Laura’s (boring) ceremony :)

A&M Graduations - 21

4 Generations of Edgar Girls!

A&M Graduations - 23A&M Graduations - 24

A&M Graduations - 25A&M Graduations - 26A&M Graduations - 29A&M Graduations - 31A&M Graduations - 33A&M Graduations - 36A&M Graduations - 41

Laura with her roomie Taylor

A&M Graduations - 42A&M Graduations - 45A&M Graduations - 47A&M Graduations - 48A&M Graduations - 50

Gig ‘Em again!

A&M Graduations - 53

After packing Laura’s house up, we headed to Cotton Patch to eat some dinner before driving back to Austin.  Man it was a long day, we left Austin at 6:15 am and got back at midnight!  But it was a great time seeing our little sisters graduate!  Congratulations Katie and Laura!!


Laura said...

Calvin's legs... and i have wrinkles!

Erin said...

The Mexican restaurant up by us has fried stuffed avocados.

Lunsford said...

Buckwild? Hilarious!

brazilx07 said...

AUNT ALLYSON! :) I love it.

sandy said...

Yay Katie. So proud of her. I know she will do great things with her sweet life!
Thanks for posting pics & vid of her graduation, as I was unable to attend.