Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby (featuring Ludacris)

We’re excited to let you all know that Stephanie’s got a bun in the oven and little Mr. or Ms. precious baby should be here sometime roundabouts April 23rd.

Here’s our first picture of baby #2. This is a sonogram from the 10 week appointment. 


Popular belief says there will always be exponentially more photos of the first baby than of subsequent progeny. Well, so far this has held true. The Leander baby doctor only gave us 2 measly little photos, of which the above is the only good one.  If you’ll recall, the Williamsburg baby doctor gave us 15 photos of Calvin during his first ultrasound, including a 3D one.  To be fair, Calvin’s appointment was at 13 weeks and Baby #2’s was at 10 weeks, but regardless, I’m going to chalk one up for Virginia.

In any event, Calvin seems pleased with his promotion to the prestigious title of “Big Brother.” He commissioned a t-shirt and accompanying portrait to celebrate the occasion.


He seemed so content in the back of that truck amongst the pumpkins and hay that we decided to sell him to the man who owned the truck.  They drove away shortly after we snapped this photo.  This is the last photo we’ll ever have of Calvin, and we miss him dearly already, but wherever he is, I sure hope he’s still holding on to those 2 pumpkins.

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Ruth Cooper Project said...

Ahahaha! Poor buddy. He'll come trotting home again on those cute little legs, pumpkins in tow. Had some guy offer me money for my two guys at the grocery store... only $6.