Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend in Waco

We got to spend some time in Waco with Drew & Rachel last weekend.  It felt like old times…playing games, watching tv, eating Tex-Mex :) 

My Houston zoo membership got us in the Waco zoo free, so we spent Saturday morning checking out the animals.  Calvin loved it!  He walked through the whole thing searching for the “fafants” otherwise known as elephants. 

Waco 01Waco 02Waco 03Waco 04Waco 05

Calvin loved playing with their dog Ruby, poor thing was terrified of him though.  Anyway, little man thought it would be fun to be a dog for the day..

Waco 06

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Anonymous said...

hey! love all those folks in front of the zoo sign! Calvin's hair is getting so full and cute! LCB