Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend in Paradise

Texas that is! I hope you all can forgive my lack of posting these days, but maybe you can cut me some slack considering our last post :)

Anyway, the first weekend in October we headed to Luke’s family’s house in the country to hang out. On Saturday morning, Luke and PawPaw took Calvin to see some animals at a friend’s house. Calvin even got to ride a horse!

Paradise 01Paradise 02Paradise 03

Then we spent the day watching the Aggie game and enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

Paradise 04Paradise 05Paradise 06Paradise 07

Calvin kept going toward the pool, so we thought “if he sticks his feet in, he won’t want to swim (b/c it was freezing)”. But Calvin is a kid, and kids don’t care how crazy something is at the time :) He lasted about 10 minutes before he was screaming of the cold. We had to warm him up in a bubble bath.

Paradise 08Paradise 09Paradise 10Paradise 11

Then the boys decided to do my favorite thing ever (can you hear the sarcasm?).

And finally, we tried to get a good pic of Calvin with the grandparents. Of course he didn’t want to be a good sport, I guess it was nap time :) But here’s what we got.

Paradise 12Paradise 13

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