Friday, August 19, 2011

New Curtains

The past owners left their living room curtains up with the rod after moving out.  We really liked the rod, but the fabric for the curtains didn’t match our décor. 

Curtains - 01Curtains - 02

So I decided to take the red curtains we had that were too short and extend them by adding some gold fabric I found at Ross (they were actually gold curtains themselves). 

Curtains - 03

It was a really simple project.  I just made finished edges on the gold panels after cutting them to size, then I sewed them to each of the red panels.  And there you go!

Curtains - 04Curtains - 05

Total cost for the project: $8.99 +tax for the gold fabric.  Buying new curtains that size would’ve been pretty pricey I’m sure.  Then there’s the task of finding what you want, which is never easy!

And because the original fabric is nice looking (and had tassels!), my mom took the curtains to use in on of her rooms!  Way to reuse :)

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