Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Luke!

Friday was Luke’s 27th birthday and we spent the weekend celebrating!  Friday night we went to The County Line on the Lake with Sandy & Mike (unfortunately we didn’t get a picture with them..)

Luke's Birthday - 01Luke's Birthday - 02Luke's Birthday - 03Luke's Birthday - 04Luke's Birthday - 05Luke's Birthday - 06

Then Saturday we had fun around the house before heading to the Circus!

Luke's Birthday - 07Luke's Birthday - 08Luke's Birthday - 09

(Sorry for the ghetto picture, I was told you couldn’t bring detachable lens cameras into the arena, but we totally could have!)

Saturday night, Joe & Mona & their kiddos and Axel & Heather came over for dinner and to hang out.  Calvin loved playing with pushing Faith, Aliza & Luke :)  The Elliotts spent the night too, so we had a fun Sunday morning dance party with them!

Happy Birthday Luke!  I hope you felt extra special this weekend!  We love you :)


Trix said...

Hope Best Son-in-law in Whole World had the best birthday ever!

sandy said...

Glad we were able to be a part of Luke's Birthday Weekend. We Love you Guys :-)