Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Goodbye Virginia

Our last day in VA was July 31, sad day.  We loved living in Williamsburg.  We made amazing friends and loved our church.  It was definitely hard to leave, but we knew it was going to be good to get to Texas.

We got to go to church one last time on the morning we headed out.

Goodbye VA - 01Goodbye VA - 02Goodbye VA - 03

Then we spent the day playing xbox while the movers were loading the truck.  You can see that our friend Jacob came to VA, he actually came to help us drive back, what a great friend :)

Goodbye VA - 04Goodbye VA - 05

Then after everything was out and the house was cleaned, we were ready to go.  Just look at Calvin’s face in each of the pics, he was excited to hit the road :)

Goodbye VA - 06Goodbye VA - 07Goodbye VA - 08Goodbye VA - 09

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