Saturday, May 7, 2011


To my knowledge this is the list of words my main man has learned so far.

Word – Calvin Pronunciation
dog – doeg
car – caww
up please – (touching hands together) apees
help please – (touching hands together) hepees
bath – baff
hi – aye
baby – baby
pizza, pizza – (whisper) pisa, pisa, pisa
more – moww
bubble – bubbub
mom – mama
dad – dada
calvin – avee
diaper – dipaw
shoe – shuuuee
no – NO!
all done – (raises arms straight up) ahdah!
bye bye – (waves hand side to side backwards) bah bah


Lloyd said...

I heard him say poppy on Friday!

Aunti Lala said...

Could we please see a video of this cuteness?