Monday, May 9, 2011

Texas or Bust

In case you haven’t heard, we’re moving back to Austin in late August. 

I’ll be starting a new job the first week in September with the company I’ve been with since I graduated.  In my new role I’ll work as a computer programmer. (Software Engineer is the pretentious term.)

We’ll be living in roughly the same area of town as we did before, probably a little further from my job.  We’re thinking about buying a house.  Below you’ll find a map that shows where my office is and a rough outline of our search area that includes portions of Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, and Round Rock.

As you can see, it’s a pretty good sized search area at this point.  Of course, we’re first time home buyers and the search area will probably narrow as we start to look at more houses and areas of town.  But for now, if you’re familiar with that area for any reason, we’d love to hear any thoughts you have on nice neighborhoods, area schools, things to watch out for, etc.  I’m sure the area has grown and changed a fair amount since we lived there before.

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Shannon Morrison said...

georgetown! georgetown!! just 30 minutes from us!

live near Sterling or Fortis or Veritas schools.

The Joiners said...

Hey! Allison (my sis) and her husband (and now baby boy!) live near Parmer & McNeil on the southern edge of your search area in a neighborhood called Millwood. They seem to like it, and I'm sure they would give you info if you wanted any!

Brian and I are back in Austin semi-regularly, so maybe we can get together some time after y'all move back!

Luke said...

First, ouch (for assuming I don't know who Allison is). Second, I visited her and Wade in Utah. Third, thanks to facebook I already knew about the kid.

But yeah that would be great fun. We lived right across Anderson Mill from Millwood when we lived there before. Give us a buzz when you're back in the area.