Monday, July 9, 2012

A ‘Wacko’ Independence Day

For July 4, we headed to Waco to hang out with Drew, Rachel & Eme!  We decided to hit up the zoo when it opened to take advantage of the “cooler” hours.


Drew was Calvin’s bestie all day, and it started as soon as we got going at the zoo.  Drew was great with him, even though Calvin kept pulling him in every direction :)


Lucy Kate wasn’t too excited to see the elephants…maybe she’s not my daughter??


Because we were there so early in the day, all the animals were pretty active.  We even heard this lion roar!


The tigers kept attacking each other, it was awesome!  Normally all the animals are so lazy, but not for us!


“That dragon’s scawry.”


What a beautiful family!


2 generations of Besties! :)


Calvin was being a punk and didn’t want to take a picture..


After the zoo we ate at Chuy’s then headed back to the Erwin’s house.  We spent the afternoon napping and, of course, playing games!  Before dinner we decided to go play at the splash pad in their neighborhood.  Lucy Kate seemed to enjoy it most of the time..


Just not here…


Eme decided it wasn’t worth her time to get wet..


All bundled up!


After drying off we had a super awesome 4th of July dinner made up of hotdogs, steaks (which were amazing!), mac & cheese, salad, fruit and chocolate chippers.

Then we ended the night playing Catan and watching fireworks on the tv :)  It was a great day and we were glad to spend it with great friends!

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