Monday, July 30, 2012

CFA Cow Appreciation Day


OK, so Friday, July 13, was the annual dress like a cow and get a free meal at CFA day and of course we took advantage of that!

Mamaw, Pawpaw and Katie came in town just in time to get in on this awesome deal :)

It was a hopping place and there were plenty of people there not dressed in cow attire and actually paid for their food…suckers!  Even Lucy Kate got something for being a little calf (a chocolate milkshake for her parents!)


Bethers bought Lucy Kate that skirt for another outfit (obviously), but I thought it was soooo cute with her cow-spotted onesie!


After dinner, the girls headed to Target to do a little shopping, and yes LK and I still had on our cow outfits….the spots were sewn on, not much I could do about it :) Mamaw and Katie were able to take their spots off and look normal though.


And the boys headed to one of the nature spots we found to hike a little trail and watch the sunset.


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