Friday, March 30, 2012

Driving Miss Daisy

As most of you know, Calvin is obsessed with cars.  And part of his new obsession is getting in and out of his car seat by himself…Or as he says, “No mommy, Caltin do it".  Yes, he calls himself Caltin, but you better not call him that or he’ll correct you by calling himself Caltin again.  Seems to think he’s saying it correctly.

Anyway, after I unbuckled his seat, he proceeded to climb all around the car and made it to the driver’s seat.  Don’t worry grandparents, the keys were safely in my pocket :)

Driving Miss Daisy 01Driving Miss Daisy 02Driving Miss Daisy 03Driving Miss Daisy 04

He always seems to leave the blinkers on, which freaks me out the next time I get in the car :)


Lunsford said...

Cute and funny! Miss him so much! When we were there a couple weekends ago, he did that in my car...and I am STILL finding buttons pushed wrong :-). He did this AFTER he felt moved to "poke" my fender with the screw driver, ha...

Trix said...

Get over it, Lundsford! Please don't let Luke teach Calvino how to drive!