Friday, March 30, 2012

Craft Fail

So I know I haven’t been the best poster lately, but this one is just funny. 

I’ve been trying to have a wreath and mantel decoration for all the holidays/seasons since we’ve been here, and let’s just say they don’t always work out…

Craft Fail 01

Yep, there are some missing peeps on that wreath.  I wasn’t too excited about how it turned out in the first place, but it was fun and Calvin liked it…until it got hot and muggy.  Then the little bunnies started sweating as you can see in the pic below.

Craft Fail 02

And we lost a few…Calvin yelled “Peeps!  Ewww grwoss”, but yet still wanted to pick one up to eat it.  Talk about gross!

Craft Fail 03

You can see all the yellow “sweat” from our little friends on the metal plate.

Craft Fail 04

Looks like I’ll be making a new wreath for Easter/spring this weekend :)


Trix said...

Gotta love those crafty ideas!!! Laughed so hard I cried!

Trix said...

Hope you're watering the plants!