Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Carol comes for a visit!

My mom came to visit us last week! Of course the night she got here we went to Cheddar's for dinner so she could get her onion rings and triple treat. That is a good meal to get I will say, she ate on it for days :)

Saturday (her first full day) we went to Jamestown Settlement, which was Luke's first time too so that was fun. We went on a guided tour and learned a lot of stuff I've already forgotten.
Sunday it was rainy so we hung around the house watching movies :) Monday and Tuesday we did some shopping, Carol got some cute tops and I was looking for sundresses for our cruise. Wednesday was nice out so we hit up Colonial Williamsburg. Carol didn't buy a ticket, so they arrested her...
Thursday we went to Yorktown Victory Center where Gilbert Blythe's lookalike told us he was getting off at 5, this is after I talked about my husband...anyway, they have a "farm" there with this polkadotted bird, I thought it was cute :)After that we walked around the York Riverfront. We went out on the pier and saw dozens of jellyfish in the water! Swim at your own risk, right?? Some were even on the shoreline and I tried to send them back to their home (I think it was too late though).
Friday we had a Jane Austen movie watching day and I made some crafts. Some of our friends came over that night and we played games. Then we had to take her to the airport on Saturday after showing her Virginia Beach.

We had a lot of fun with her and will miss her until May. I will especially miss hearing her talking about Obama (which she did almost everyday, Luke made her read "The Case Against Barack Obama").

By the way, my baby sister turned 20 last Tuesday. My parents are really old now, not having any teenagers. Happy Birthday Laura!!

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