Friday, February 20, 2009

Night of Musicals!

Last night our fellow Austinite, Rachel, came over for a night of musical watching. We started with "Sunday School Musical" which is probably my new favorite movie, imdb didn't think so though.
We decided to finish the night off strong with the most amazing HSM yet!! I loved it and I can't wait until College Musical :) haha...I'm just glad I had someone to watch it with, however I totally would've watched by myself too (but don't be fooled, Luke watched it with us and loved it). It was awesome, imdb didn't seem to think so either, hmm I don't know about imdb's judgment though, remember they gave "Blade Runner" an 8.3.
Does anyone else see a resemblance with these movie posters?

(Hint: I want HSM3 for my birthday)


Carol said...

You gotta sleep sometime.

Shannon Morrison said...

omg you and fer-fer have the worst taste in movies. ever.