Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yorktown Beach

Calvin & I met Jessie & James over at the Yorktown Beach to take advantage of these temperatures in the 70s.

Yorktown Beach - 01

He loved rolling around in the sand…needlesstosay we had a lot of brushing off before getting in the car :)  And check out his “Beach Bums” shirt from Grandma, totally appropriate for today’s activity! 

Yorktown Beach - 02Yorktown Beach - 03Yorktown Beach - 04Yorktown Beach - 05Yorktown Beach - 06

Here are the friends!

Yorktown Beach - 07Yorktown Beach - 08Yorktown Beach - 09

This is what you get when you have to take a picture of 2 adults and 2 babies in strollers yourself..

Yorktown Beach - 10

We got to see some cool boats there too.

Yorktown Beach - 11

And this is what you get when you had 2 hours of fun in the sun (and sand!)…

Yorktown Beach - 12

We didn’t even get in the water b/c it was freezing, but we had fun playing in the (and eating….Calvin, not me) sand!

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