Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pics from Bethers & the fur

Ok so here are some pictures from Bethers & Jennifer's visit. They got in late Saturday night, so Sunday we went to Virginia Beach. There was pretty much no one there besides us, even a lot of the boardwalk shops were closed.

While in VA Beach, we went to Fort Story and Cape Henry Lighthouse.

After a day of walking viewing the sites, we ate dinner at Olive Garden (very VA Beach I know) and shared a piece of Black Tie Mousse Cake (of course). Then Bethers was feeling the call to go to Macy's, so we checked it out. Finally we finished the day with a drive through the Holiday Lights at the Beach.

On Monday we toured around Colonial Williamsburg. The picture below is at the Capitol.

On Tuesday we drove the Colonial Parkway to Historic Yorktown. After eating at Carrot Tree (a little restaurant in a 16th century home), we headed for the Prime Outlets. Williamsburg is home to a huge Yankee Candle store, you have to see it to believe it. So here's fur and me in the store.

On Wednesday before they had to leave, we went to Jamestown Settlement. They have a museum and live action exhibits of an Indian reservation, the ships from England, and the first colony. It was pretty fun. The picture below is us in an Indian hut, right after taking the picture, Jennifer saw a rat scurry across where we were laying...gross.

And that's the gist of the trip. It was a grand ole time :)

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Shannon Morrison said...

you are the cutest gingerbread man i have ever seen!