Monday, October 8, 2012

Lucy Kate 5 Month Photos

Lucy Kate has been a rolly-polly these days.  I set her on her blanket, walk away, and come back to her completely across the room.  If she wants to get to her toys she just rolls right up to them.  She is also pretty handy at rotating around too. 

Calvin is continuing to try and maker her laugh as much as he can.  He also loves to steal her toys :)

All in all, Lucy Kate is a happy little girl and loves to smile and be social!

5 Month Stats (rough estimates, no doctor’s appt this month):

  • ~16lbs
  • ~26 inches long
  • ~17 inches head


The above pics were taken inside, hence the darkish look.  The below pics are from outside…her eyes really brighten up out there (but of course her better smiles were from when she was inside!)



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