Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lucy Kate 3 Month Photos

Last Wednesday was LK’s 3 month birthday!  Time sure flies!! 

We absolutely LOVE this little girl.  She is an awesome baby…really, she’s soooo good!  She rarely cries and when she does it’s most likely b/c Calvin head butted her or something.  She’s been sleeping about 12 hours at night, which is amAzing!!  (Calvin didn’t sleep through the night completely until like 10 months!)  And she recently started laughing, although it’s challenging to get her to do it so no video of it yet..

3 Month Stats (we didn’t have a doctor’s appt, so these are rough estimates based on at-home measuring):

  • ~13lbs
  • ~25 inches long
  • ~16.5 inches head size


For some reason this pic stands out as Baby Stephanie to me:


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jessie said...

She is incredibly beautiful. She seems like such a happy little girl. We miss you guys!

Jessie Lewis