Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lowe’s Build and Grow

Saturday morning we headed to Lowe’s for their Build and Grow workshop.

They had little aprons, hammers, goggles, and a kit to build Shrek & Fiona’s onion carriage.  Let’s just say that Calvin loved getting to hit the hammer on everything…maybe not so much the actual “building”.


I’m not sure how I feel about his using a hammer while yawning!


I love how serious he was about it..


All done!


He’s trying to “fix” it.  Luke Calvin forgot to hammer the onion piece to the cart, so he ghettoly taped it until we could fix it at home.


And of course Lucy Kate was their, 4 months old now..


Don’t you just love that scratch on her face?  I haven’t taken her 4 month pics yet b/c I was hoping it would heal up fast!

Every time you attend a workshop you get a little patch to iron on to your apron…kinda like Calvin’s Wilderness Explorer friend Russell :)  So we’ll be sure to attend as many as we can!


Sara said...

This is so fun and adorable! I'd wondered if Abby was old enough for those yet... We'll have to try them. I love Calvin's focused looks!

evs said...

Stop! LK is so cute! Annie has the same dress. And I love a little blond girl in it =).