Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Festival

Well as you’ll see in the first video, we had some bad luck this past weekend with fall festivals.  We found a website with a list of Halloween activities going on near us.  So we decided to check out one at the Humane Society…all they had were dogs, no bounce house or games like it advertised.  It was so unclear what was going on that Luke asked a worker if they were having a Halloween thing that day, of course she said yes, but it didn’t look like it :)  Calvin loved the dogs though, but we were on the hunt for something else.

The second one we went to was a church fall festival that was supposed to have carnival games, a bounce house, food, candy…we drove up to an empty parking lot…0 for 2.

But on our way home, we drove past an elementary school hosting a festival, so we decided to check it out.  They had a toddler area for Calvin to play in, a petting zoo, pony rides, and bounce houses & slides :)  It was a hit!

Oct 29 Fall Festival 01Oct 29 Fall Festival 02

We didn’t want to use Calvin’s official Halloween costume until Trick-or-Treating, so here’s what we decided to strut around in for the day...don’t look too closely at the little baby’s fingers, it was hard to work the stencil with such a small shape, next time I’ll get an exacto knife :)

Oct 29 Fall Festival 03

And LaLa came to hang out with us for the weekend!

Oct 29 Fall Festival 06Oct 29 Fall Festival 07

As you can see, Calvin didn’t want to participate in a family photo :)

Oct 29 Fall Festival 08


Tammy Gregg said...

Love the skeleton costumes especially baby. Patti told me about it. How cute.- Tammy Gregg

Anonymous said...

You gotta teach that kid some manners, queue cutting and pushing that poor girl down to ride the slide...

-thai thai