Monday, September 5, 2011

Little Luke’s Birthday Party

This year we got to celebrate “Little Luke’s” 4th birthday at Veteran’s Memorial Park.  It was a really fun waterpark with a huge area for Calvin to play in.  You can see from the video that he enjoyed the slides in particular :)

And of course there is cake at a birthday party and Calvin got to try some..

Little Luke Bday - 01Little Luke Bday - 02Little Luke Bday - 03

Looks like he liked it!

Thanks Luke for letting us celebrate with you!


Lunsford said...

That slide video is so freaking cute! Just got in my room in London tired, wet from rain, and this cheered me up!

Trix said...

Gonna have to keep giving him cake now! Calvin looks so big in the muscle suit!

mona said...

now that's some good bloggin :) thanks for coming!