Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend at the Goggins

Two weekends ago, we headed up to the DC area to spend some time with Kyle, Sara, Abby & soon-to-be Baby Girl #2!

Calvin loved sitting in Abby’s chair to read.  We should really get him one of these!

Goggin Weekend - 01

We went to a “petting” zoo (you couldn’t pet every animal), but it was freeeeeezing, so we didn’t stay very long.  Calvin & Abby had fun seeing all the animals though!

Goggin Weekend - 02Goggin Weekend - 03Goggin Weekend - 04Goggin Weekend - 05Goggin Weekend - 06Goggin Weekend - 07Goggin Weekend - 08Goggin Weekend - 09


Calvin probably hugged Abby 50+ times, it was soooo cute!  I think she thought it was a little much though.  Sometimes her facial expressions were like “Ok ok I get it, you love me” :)  But she was a good sport about it!

Goggin Weekend - 10Goggin Weekend - 11Goggin Weekend - 12Goggin Weekend - 13

We played 3 games of Catan Cities & Knights, everyone but me won :)  But I’m ok, I still did well and had fun, that’s all it’s really about right?  Haha. 

Goggin Weekend - 14

And on Sunday it snowed…crazy March weather!

Goggin Weekend - 15Goggin Weekend - 16

It was a good weekend with good friends!

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