Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Iron Cleaner

You heard it, I have found the best iron cleaner!  Let me first tell you why I needed it.  When we were first married, before I was an excellent housewife :), I ironed a dress that wasn’t supposed to be ironed.  Needlesstosay, it turned the iron plate into something like this…(I didn’t actually get a pic of my iron, but it was a little worse than this one)

burned iron

The iron still worked most of the time, but every now and then it would leave black residue on the fabric I was ironing.  And on Easter morning when I was ironing Luke’s pants, the black residue struck again and I was fed up!

Because my iron was about $50, I didn’t really want to replace it, so I headed to Bed Bath & Beyond (with the iron) to see if they could help me.  They pointed me to this:

cleaning kit

And it was magic cream!  It turned the scorched iron into this:


A practically brand new iron!  I was sooo excited!  Way to go Rowenta :)  I highly recommend the Rowenta Cleaning Kit to anyone with iron cleaning issues!

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evs said...

So I'm probably one of the few people interested in your iron cleaning. That's awesome stuff! I'm totally gonna get some! Are you sewing anything new?

Oh, and of course, great pictures of the family at Disney World! Little Man is such a cutie!