Thursday, February 17, 2011


I was going through my box of cards and came across this envelope. 

Prediction Envelope

I was 11 years old and in 6th grade.  Of course I was curious as to what would be inside.  So Luke and I set a time to open it one night, and I was pretty disappointed.

Prediction Sheet

I mean can you say nerd?  I was embarrassed about how lame I was (hopefully not “am”).  How is math my strongest quality during a 15 year time span!  Wow.  I did always want to be a teacher, and I guess I fulfilled that somewhat when I tutored math to 5th graders before Calvin was born.  Did you notice I wrote “a” like the computer…I used to think that was so cool. 

I like to think that my life is a lot more exciting than I thought it was going to be back in the 6th grade :)


Sara said...

Haha! That's great! I love your vague answers like "there will be more people in the world". Sounds like how I would have answered!
I had totally forgotten about it, but I think we did this too!! I wonder where mine is....

The Joiners said...

I still do write my "a"s like that... does that make me uncool? :)

Trix said...

Well, you are a teacher (teaching little Calvin), you did add to the population, going to college was a very important decision because you met Luke there, and you still love math! Guess you should have been more ceratin about getting married and having a family!!!