Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chick Fil A

Oh how I love CFA.  Honestly, it’s the best.  The other day I went to get us lunch and wanted to use a coupon.  The coupon was for a free drink when you buy a sandwich and fries, and I had a free sandwich coupon too.  When he rang up the order it was for $0, and I told him I should be paying for one sandwich and the fries.  He got the manager to come override something, and the manager said “we’re not going to make her pay when she thought it was free”.  So I got our whole lunch FREE…what great customer service!!  Another time I was there they gave me a free sandwich coupon because I had to wait a couple of minutes for our food.  Gotta love them.

All this CFA talk is making me hungry :)

Anyway, here are some pics and a video from our Spicy Chicken Biscuit Reservation.



Trix said...

I do love CFA but I Love You MUCH, MUCH More!!!!

Trix said...

Cried watching the video!!! Miss our Calvin so much (and you, too)!! Can hardly wait for your visit!