Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Gerber Generation Photo Search!

Once again I have been slow to posting new pictures…hopefully I’ll get to that soon :)

For now though, we have entered a photo of Calvin in Gerber’s “Looking for its next star” photo contest!

Gerber-300x164Voting for our little cutie is encouraged as the winner gets a $25,000 Scholarship!  And I might be biased, but I think Calvin is the cutest kid ever :)

Gerber Generation Photo Search 2

This is the photo we submitted:


So to vote:

Visit the Gerber Voting site and search for Calvin’s ID – 217345, it wasn’t working for me to search for his name.

Or a direct link to Calvin’s photo is here.

You have to enter your email when you vote.  Gerber sends you an email with a link you have to click by the end of the day in order for the vote to count.  So be sure to check your email and click the link!

Limit of 1 vote per day, per computer, per email address…So I guess multiple computers and email addresses can vote multiple times :)

Let’s help this little man win!!  So far he has 7 votes (2 are mine), so looks like some people love him already!


David said...
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David said...

where's my photographer's credit, hmm...haha

p.s. I've voted 5 times so far, and it looks like more people are voting too, up to 29!