Saturday, November 13, 2010

College Run Pumpkins

The weekend before Halloween, we headed out to College Run Farm across the ferry with some friends to pick some pumpkins!

Check out Calvin’s hair in the wind!

College Run Pumpkins 02College Run Pumpkins 03

We tried to get some cute pumpkin photos again, wearing his “Boo” shirt given by Grandma…but of course he wanted to look everywhere but at the camera!

College Run Pumpkins 06College Run Pumpkins 07College Run Pumpkins 09

I thought this was a funny one, looks like he’s smoking something!  Haha, should I be laughing at that??

College Run Pumpkins 12


Trix said...

Looks like he's done this before! Be ready for CPS to come knocking!!!

Sam & Chelsea said...

Love the new blog look! Calvin is just so cute, I'm at a loss! :-)