Sunday, December 27, 2009

Calvin Curls

Calvin and I have started a daily workout routine in order to work off some of his baby fat.  Here’s a demonstration of one of our exercises, Calvin Curls:

Now I’ll answer two questions that I know are lingering in your mind.

1. Question: Was Laura totally staged or what!?

Answer: Nope, she happened to show up in the room right as we were filming.  Totally not staged.


2. Question: What’s the main advantage to Calvin Curls over normal curls with free weights?

Answer: As your arms strengthen, the weight automatically increases.  (Assuming of course, that you continue to feed and water your child.)

If you do enough of these, you eventually look like this:



Shannon Morrison said...

but does calvin like to have his diaper changed face up or face down?

Luke said...

I'll have to demonstrate my diaper prowess next time I see you.