Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Money Saving Mom "To Be"

Ok so some of you know that I love to stalk Money Saving Mom and other couponing ladies. They match up Sunday paper or printable coupons to deals going on at stores around town and share with everyone! Here's the results of a $20 grocery trip (over 50% savings!) at our Farm Fresh Supermarket (which doubles $1.00 coupons on Weds):
And here's the stuff I got for $1.58 at Rite Aid Pharmacy (after rebates):
Not too bad I think. Luke bought me a subscription to the paper for a year so I won't miss out on any great coupons! Mom/Carol/Nisie/Trix can still give me all yours too :) for double deals! Hopefully we'll never have to buy toothpaste, hair products, or deodorant again!

1 comment:

Lunsford said...

Glad to see mom has passed down the saving gene...over the long haul it adds up. If nothing else you will have cabinets full of last minute teacher gifts or donation items :)