Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break Hargrove Style

So this year for spring break, the Hargrove clan came to visit from Texas! They got here Saturday night (March 14) after a long night and day of driving.

Sunday, we took it pretty easy, and headed over to Jamestown Settlement, right next to our house. For dinner that night, of course Luke and I took them to our favorite local spot: Sal's by Victor. If any of you know us, Luke and I are part of a "Train game" society were we are obsessed with playing Ticket To Ride, so we played Sunday night (and I think another 3 times throughout the week).

Monday, we headed over to Historic Jamestowne, which was pretty neat getting to see all the actual artifacts and monuments from back in the day. Then we took a drive on the Colonial Parkway. I got a wii fit for Christmas, so Monday night we all had fun laughing at how bad we were at various fitness games. One of the hardest was heading soccer balls and dodging soccer shoes :)
Tuesday, we hit up Colonial Williamsburg, where we got to play parts in a mock court case. Luke and I were an engaged couple wanting to keep the right to my land by acting as though we weren't married. And Mark was a juror. It was a pretty entertaining event. We also got to see a reenactment at the Capitol. After touring CW we headed over to Yorktown. I tried to show them the jellies that my mom and I saw, but they were no where to be found...bummer.
All week long was cloudy/rainy/freezing, so when we got to Washington DC on Wednesday and it was sunny and warm, we were pretty excited. Luke found a place to rent bikes for the day for pretty cheap, so we decided to do that and tour the monuments. We ended up taking a tour of the Capitol too, which apparently is the thing to do in DC b/c it was packed out.
Thursday, it was gross and cold again, but we did head over to Arlington Cemetary and took the tour bus to see all the "famous" spots like the Kennedy graves and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. After that we headed over to the Air and Space Museum for Ed. It must have been spring break and field trip week for everyone else too, because the place was packed out with kids running around trying to fill out questionnaires.
And Friday morning they headed out to Johnson City, TN to visit with Patti's brother David's family. We were sad to see them go, but we had fun while they were here!

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