Sunday, April 5, 2009

Operation: Colonial Chaos!

Friday, March 27, Luke and I helped with a Youth Scavenger Hunt at our church. It was a pretty intense ordeal and Kyle and the other planners did a great job putting it all together. Basically, the kids were divided up into 4 teams and they were trying to solve a case which ultimately was a guy building a brainwashing machine to take over the minds of tourists in Colonial Williamsburg and abroad. The teams started out with clues that lead them to a henchman who gave them another clue that they called into headquarters to receive their next clue. It seemed to be a lot of fun....I mean Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego was always my favorite computer game :)

So Luke's job was the Mercenary...he had to get the teams to cross the "electric fence" to retrieve a prized possession (an old Lexus wheel) in order to get the information he had for them. Good thing we had some Caution tape!
As you can see, Luke looked pretty ridiculous, underneath the leisure suit he had on an Obama t-shirt...which kind of confused some of the kids, haha. And that night it was raining and freezing outside. Luke was such a trooper!

My job was at the very end where I was a Technician explaining how the task of building a machine to destroy the brainwashing machine. All in all it was a fun night and I wish my youth group growing up was that cool.

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