Sunday, April 12, 2009


This year was our first Easter w/o family, so it was kind of sad, but we did have a great time getting together with some friends at Drew & Rachel's. We grilled some chicken, had some mac-n-cheese, some muffin tops, and chocolate cake.

And what's a party with out games of course?? We went old school style with separate boy and girl games. The girls played the train game (obviously) and the boys played some catan.
So we finished the first round of games around 5:45ish, but the boys decided to go for round 2....and 3, so us girls enjoyed flipping through creative memories magazines & Rachel's scrapbooks while watching Miss Congeniality. Finally around 9ish we left the Erwins spending a mere 8 hours over there. Hopefully Drew got some studying in...boy I'm glad I'm not in school.

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