Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last weekend Luke and I went to Charlottesville to hang out with James & Sherrie. Saturday morning Sherrie was running a 10-miler, so we were all going to go watch. Luke's been training for a 5k and decided to run the race as well. I thought this action-shot of Sherrie and her running buddy Katherine was pretty good :)
A couple of people from James & Sherrie's church ran with them. And yes, Luke is sporting the slanket.
After the race, we went home to relax and then headed to UVA's campus to play Frisbee. We are all about the action shots these days.
It was a very nice day out and it seems like everyone else thought the same because the campus was packed with golfers hitting tennis balls...very strange. There were a couple of tools wearing plaid shorts and popped-collar light-pink polos.
And of course we had to finish the day off playing games: Ticket to Ride and Catan. Catan has always been the Ramsey-Hargrove game and because we're all pros we got to introduce the newest version we got for Christmas, Traders & Barbarians.
We're so glad the Ramseys live so close, I was super sad when they moved from Austin!

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PRETTY little sister said...

i like the shirt you wore :)